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Premiere | Check out Sage’s sonically contorting ‘Strange’

Check out the Last Mixed Tape's exclusive premiere of 'Strange' by sage

A sonically contorting sound comes from Sage’s new single ‘Strange’. Built from angular guitar lines, rattling beats and cutting vocals, the hard-edged music of Sage comes to the fore with the bristling ‘Strange’.

A dynamically shape-shfiting track, ‘Strange’ merges a myriad of music to create a brooding and attention grabbing turn from Sage.

‘Strange’ by sage is due out on Friday, January 22nd.

2 comments on “Premiere | Check out Sage’s sonically contorting ‘Strange’

  1. Love it! The guitars and the voice are excellent! Congrats to the band and good luck for the future.

  2. Domingos Noia

    Well done! Great sound!

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