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Premiere | Check out Sage’s sonically contorting ‘Strange’

Check out the Last Mixed Tape's exclusive premiere of 'Strange' by sage

A sonically contorting sound comes from Sage’s new single ‘Strange’. Built from angular guitar lines, rattling beats and cutting vocals, the hard-edged music of Sage comes to the fore with the bristling ‘Strange’.

A dynamically shape-shfiting track, ‘Strange’ merges a myriad of music to create a brooding and attention grabbing turn from Sage.

‘Strange’ by sage is due out on Friday, January 22nd.

2 comments on “Premiere | Check out Sage’s sonically contorting ‘Strange’

  1. Love it! The guitars and the voice are excellent! Congrats to the band and good luck for the future.

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  2. Domingos Noia

    Well done! Great sound!


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