Review | “an album that effortlessly catwalks its way through a myriad of on-point stylistic flourishes” Danny G & The Major 7ths – The Lookout

Some albums have a defined sense of style, and evoke a slick tailored feel to them. Danny G & The Major 7ths’ The Lookout is one-such album, the kind that effortlessly catwalks its way through a myriad of on-point stylistic flourishes. Resulting in an endlessly smooth sound. 

From the outset, the locked-in groove of ‘Believing’ (featuring Grainne McCarthy) opens The Lookout with the sophisticated melding of musicianship and songwriting that runs throughout. Couple this with the rhythmic bustle of ‘When It All Runs Out’, and the polished soulful production of the album comes to the fore. Played out by lush vocal harmonies, sharp beats and vibrant instrumentation. 

This retro R&B characteristic is beautifully realised by Danny G & The Major 7ths, who sound like a band not trying the emulate the genre but instead playing the music they love. This is felt in how the band traverse the undulating sound and gentle harmonies of ‘Good Things’, the slow-burn groove of ‘Say When’ (featuring OSMOJAM) and punctuated beat of ‘He Won’t Understand’.

However, it’s the stomping groove of ‘Time The Healer’ (featuring Zaska and Fehdah) that captures the imagination most effectively. Set against a pulsing bass, layered textural guitar work and woven vocal interplay, the song exudes a piece of deep music that sounds like it was a joy to make.

And so it goes, The Lookout is all about style. A sharp and sophisticated sophomore album from Danny G & The Major 7ths, The Lookout makes an impression that begs repeat playthroughs. From its tailored production, rich musical interplay and slick songwriting this is a record that is genuine in its stylistic design.     


The Lookout by Danny G & The Major 7ths is out now.

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