Q&A | Jackie Beverly talks to TLMT about her live music video for ‘Someone Else’

What’s the last song you listened to?

Blue Sea, Red Sea‘ by Billie Marten.

What artist or album has gotten you through lockdown the most?

Billie Marten or Phoebe Bridgers – I had Punisher on repeat when it was first released. Think I must have played it 20 times in that first week. 

What’s influencing your music right now?

I just got a home studio set up, so my songwriting style has opened up a bit. I’m able to experiment with different sounds and instruments without the pressure of studio fees. So I guess my demo game has gotten marginally better!   

Tell us about your new live music video. How did it feel to be back performing live again even if it was without the usual audience?

It was so great! It was amazing to be back in The Workmans. The Vintage Room holds so many special memories for me so that alone was brilliant. We had such a great team in there on the day too. I hadn’t seen anyone since the beginning of lockdown so it was exciting to catch up with everyone. The only singing I had done up until then was at home by myself so I was definitely a little rusty but as the day went on I fell back into the familiar groove.  

You chose ‘Someone Else’ as the track you film. What is it about that song that made you choose it in particular?

I just really love the track! I love performing it live because there’s such a build in it. And every time we play it, Dónal and Ed just kill it on drums and guitar. So I wanted to have something that I can watch back whenever I want that reminds me of how good it feels to play it. I also think it’s a good representation of what kind of sound we can deliver in terms of a full length show. There’s some lovely gentle bits and also some really powerful parts which is similar to our set list.

Jackie Beverly will also perform as part of Ireland Music Week 2020 on October 7th and also has a pair of shows at the Workman’s Club on October, 29th tickets via theworkmansclub.com/events. Photo by: Ciarán O’Brien.

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