Premiere | Check Out Pillow Queens New Video For ‘Ragin’

Check out the Last Mixed Tape’s exclusvie music video premiere of ‘Ragin’ by Pillow Queens.

Shot as part of the 2020 Youth Music Video Competition in association with the First Cut Youth Film Festival ( where each of the directors worked under the mentorship of more established directors such as Brendan Canty (Feel Good Lost) and Lochlainn McKenna) and directed by Daragh Goan, the compelling and heartbreaking video for Pillow Queens’ ‘Ragin’ follows the central character through a morning where everything falls apart scored by band’s ability to capture the emotional pathos of the song’s lyrics through a music that is filled with instant hooks.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the video, director Daragh Goan says “The inspiration for the video was the idea of a physical hangover to represent an emotional one. We wanted to depict someone having one of those rotten mornings that goes from bad to worse, someone who feels spent and emotionally exhausted but manages to look these feelings in the eye and keep going.”

Watch ‘Ragin’ by the Pillow Queens below. The song’s parent record State Of The State is out now.

1 thought on “Premiere | Check Out Pillow Queens New Video For ‘Ragin’

  1. Rosemarie Gibney March 27, 2020 — 6:27 am

    Very well portrayed! ! Loved it

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