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Q&A | Vancouver Sleep Clinic talks to TMLT ahead of Dublin show


Australian dream-pop artist Vancouver Sleep Clinic is coming to Whelan’s, Dublin this Wednesday night (June 13th). VSC recently took the time to speak to TLMT about his music and what he’s been listening to recently. 

What’s the last record you bought?

J.Cole – KOD

What song or artist do you have on repeat at the moment?

I’ve been getting into the new Kanye & Pusha T albums a lot, and I love the new Ben Howard song Nica Libres at Dusk.

Tell us about how your debut album ‘Revival’ was written?

Revival was written when I was 18 and living in Los Angeles. It was inspired by being thrown into the crazy world that is the music industry at a young age and trying to find my place in it, and my direction with life.

You come to Dublin this summer to play Whelan’s. What’s your personal favourite track to play live?

That’s a tough question! I still really enjoy playing some of the old songs like Collapse & Flaws but some of the newest songs like Closure have a lot more energy so they are also really fun to play live as well.

What are VSC’s future plans?

This year I’m just trying to put out a ton of new music and come to as many cities as humanly possible! And then back to another album.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic play Whelan’s this Wednesday, June 13th with support from Maija Sofia. Tickets are priced at €17.35 via


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