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Review | “Dream Wife is punk in 2018, it has something to say and we should all listen” Dream Wife – Dream Wife

dream wife

The Last Mixed Tape reviews the self-titled debut album from garage-punk three-piece Dream Wife.

The fire and the fury of Dream Wife is real.  Short sharp shocks, angular guitars and insisting vocals all characterize an album that works as a debut of intent from a band brimming with abandon.

Dream Wife is thrilling. Starting as it means to go on, ‘Let’s Make Out’ is filled with screeching rock ‘n’ roll based joie de vivre. A raucous statement of what’s to come, Dream Wife weave the hard-edged and melodic-pop elements of their music to great effect. Followed by the riot grrrl-esque ‘Somebody’, the lyrics “I am not my body, I am somebody” are repeated and given sonic space as to convey the importance of the message.

What is most gratifying about Dream Wife is how tempered the punk and pop elements of the album are. Surrounded by a wash of sharp-cornered guitar riffs, catchy choruses like “Let’s be kids and fall in love”, found in ‘Love Without Reason’, wear their heart on their sleeve in a way that’s completely relatable and infectious to listen to. While the hook-laden ‘Right Now’ is supported by the bristling immediacy that

Closing out Dream Wife is that spikey ‘F.U.U – Fever Dream’. The perfect ending to a bustling debut. The song encapsulates the punkish furore that underlines the record, as fuzzing guitars scratch and underline the line “I’m gonna fuck you up, gonna cut you up, gonna fuck you up”.

It’s the focus of all great debut to give you everything a band were, are and can be. With their first outing Dream Wife take punk into a new era, not by completely reinventing it but by instilling themselves into the sound and capturing what it is they want to say.

Dream Wife is punk in 2018, it has something to say and we should all listen.

Rating: 9/10

Dream Wife by Dream Wife is out now.

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