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Listen | TLMT’s 20 Most Promising Emerging Acts in 2018

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2018 is now upon us and a new year of music on the horizon, with this in mind the Last Mixed Tape delves into deep and highlights 20 promising emerging acts set to make an impact in the next twelve months. See full rundown and Spotify playlist below.



A stunning sold-out headliner in the Workman’s Club late last year and a sound that encompasses a multitude of genres, including neo-soul, alt. pop and hip-hop, Akora may very well be the runaway act of 2018.

Rabble Babble
With their mangled take on art-rock and punk, Rabble Babble certainly bring something new to the table, let’s hope that carries into 2018.

Loud, raw and unapologetic Bicurious get the riff-rock instrumentalist sound down to a tee. Look for live gigs and new singles this year.

Super Silly
Few bands seem as confident and playful with their music as Super Silly. Impressing with the single ‘Not Ready To Leave’ in 2017, it’ll be interesting to see what they deliver in 2018.

Molly Sterling
‘Plain Static’ was a monumental turning point in terms of sound for Molly Sterling, with such a strong foundation to build from TLMT expects great things from the songwriter over the next twelve months.



Kandce and their disco-pop banger ’78’ made an impact in the latter part of 2017. A new group with a vibrant sound, Kandce are one the emerging bands TLMT is most interested in seeing evolve.

Last year’s single ‘Addicted’ and collaboration with WOB! on ‘Higher’ singled Erica-Cody out as one the leading vocalists on the Irish R&B scene. What 2018 has in store, will be interesting to see.

Lilac Glass
A deeply emotive, dark and often icy electronic milieu, coupled with alt. pop flourishes, characterize Lilac Glass. With two stand-tracks last year, more music this year is a promising prospect indeed.

Tanjier have certainly had a stellar 2017, which included an appearance in Dingle at Other Voices. How 2018 shapes up for the electro trio will be exciting to watch.

A duo with an atmospheric take on the electronic genre, see their debut E.P. NWYR, SLYK are a group that could deliver something very interesting sonically in the coming year.



St. Bishop
2017 was a great starting point for St. Bishop with the release of his debut single ‘Porcelain’. Entering into 2018 with some momentum behind him, Bishop is one to watch on the Irish music scene.

Montauk Hotel
Voted the Last Mixed Tape Readers Song of the Year with ‘Sense of Place’, a stand-out debut E.P. and several acclaimed live shows have all seen Montauk Hotel and their shimmer-pop sound firmly take hold. 2018 could be their year.

Chanele McGuinness
The recent promise of new music from alt. folk songwriter Chanele McGuinness is very exciting news indeed. A firm favourite at TLMT, McGuinness is a songwriter to pay close attention to.

AE Mak
AE Mak’s unveiling of a new look line-up, stlye and tone at this year’s Hard Working Class Heroes was a clear and definite festival highlight, whilst also leaving us with anticipation for what the future has in store.

Beauty Sleep
A band whose sound is made for TLMT. Beauty Sleep’s vivid take on dream-pop via synth-pop will no doubt deliver several new indie gems in 2018.



Lilla Vargen
A songwriter with a deep sense of atmosphere, mood and emotion, Lilla Vargen has been on the cusp for some time now, especially with the singles ‘Hold On’ and ‘Downtown’.

Aislinn Logan
‘So Loud’ was a unique introduction to the world of Aislinn Logan. Rejecting the conventional singer-songwriter production for something more far-reaching Logan’s music feels alive.

Sorcha Richardson
‘Waking Life’ marked a sonic sea-change in the music of Sorcha Richardson. A songwriter who has been slowly but surely building a reputation as one our most promising artist, her output 2018 could be very special.

Bad Bones
Bad Bones is truly an individualist. An artist whose affecting electronic music slices and re-assembles sound in a way few others do. ‘You’ was TLMT’s Song of the Year, I await her 2018 offerings with great expectation.

Laoise’s highly-stylised alt. pop, seen on last year’s stellar ‘Rich’, highlights Laoise as a musician who merges all the emotive backbone of her songwriting into the production, interweaving them. The definition of one to watch.

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