Listen | Participant’s ‘Next Year’ is a deeply layered experience


Participant has released a brand new track called ‘Next Year’, taken from the artist’s recent limited edition cassette Sampler.

Set against a strong depth of field, ‘Next Year’ oddly maintains Participant’s spacious sound while also feeling densely packed with instrumentation and layering.

Up-close vocals, washes of harmonic soundscapes, and soft picked acoustic guitar all come together to create a song that is constantly changing that seems to follow the self-reflective musings that run right through Participant’s lyrics.

Participant supports Peter Silberman (The Antlers) this Friday, April 21st in Dublin’s Unitarian Church.

Click below to listen to ‘Next Year’ by Participant. The song’s parent record ‘Sampler’ is available via Photo credit: Stephen Doyle.

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