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2017 is upon us and a new year of music on the horizon, with this in mind the Last Mixed Tape has come up with its 20 ones to watch in 2017. See full rundown and Spotify playlist below.

Montauk Hotel
Emerging from Dublin’s live music scene towards the end of 2016, Montauk Hotel’s modern take on indie-pop (think the Cure meets the Smiths with a hint of 80’s shimmer) has quickly identified the group as huge promise for 2017.

Pillow Queens
Coming from a harder-edged punk-pop sound, Pillow Queens debut E.P. Calm Girls delivered a late surprise release in the later part of 2016, how the newly formed band develop on this will be interesting to see.

A raw unkempt garage-punk aesthetic lies at the core of Girlfriend’s sound, most of which comes through in their E.P. 3am Rituals, further exploration down this path may very well result in great things for the group in 2017.

Gemma Dunleavy
2017 looks to be a landmark year in the career of Gemma Dunleavy. Having spent the last 12 months working on her much-anticipated debut E.P. (slated for this year) and collaborating with the likes of Ziro and Orlando Volcano, Dunleavy has promised something very special with her first solo outing. A definite break-out artist for 2017.

Following a festival stealing turn at Hard Working Class Heroes last October and much hype throughout 2016, there can be little denying Jafaris is on the verge of making 2017 his year.

A unique new prospect on the Irish psych-rock scene, Spudgun’s impressive single ‘We Share This Space’ has highlighted the band as the creators of an exciting new sound for 2017.

Sorcha Richardson
A string of acclaimed singles (‘Lost’, ‘Ruin Your Night’ & ‘Walk Away’) have singled Sorcha Richardson as one of our most promising songwriters. The Brooklyn based artist will be sure to keep this momentum going in the new year.

‘Queen of the Con’ found alternative-pop artist Ruth delivering on the promise of her early singles with a production to match. Everything is in place for the songwriter to capitalize on

Maria Kelly
Few artist have hit the ground running in the same way Maria Kelly has. From her stand-out single ‘Stitches’ to her music video work Kelly has emerged as an artist who puts the same care and forethought into every facet of her work.

Soulé’s ‘Love No More’ was a refreshingly original blend of hip-hop and R&B sounds, coupled with Soulé’s live performances and you have an artist who could very well take centre stage in 2017.

The Optimists
Unashamed upward pop act the Optimists are a fully fledged exciting new prospect on the Dublin music scene, the group have been making moves to make their mark on 2017.

Rosa Nutty
A definite rising artist in the making, few can deny Rosa Nutty has already made her mark on Irish music. Given the year Nutty has had (which included an appearance at Other Voices), 2017 could very well be hers’.

Beauty Sleep
‘The Dark’ and ‘Living Right’ both unveiled Beauty Sleep as producers for pin point perfect pop. What the trio come up with next will be very interesting to hear indeed.

Laoise’s ‘You’ was one of the songs of 2016. The deep full electronic sound of her debut single paves the way to Laoise creating something brilliant in the next twelve months.

Bad Bones
Bad Bones could very well be considered the breakout Irish artist of 2016, both critically and in terms of following. Her set playing TLMT’s Canalaphonic stage was one of my highlights of the year, there can be no doubt Bad Bones continue this momentum in 2017.

TooFools delivered on all the live hype, garnered by several stand out festival sets in the summer 2016, with the release of their ‘Touch’ single. How the funk/R&B outfit continue to grow their audience in 2017 will be interesting to see.

Roisin El Cherif
A breakout artist on the cusp of making a large impact on the Irish music scene, Roisin El Cherif is a new unique new prospect that may very well deliver something very special this year.

Farah Elle
Another songwriter who made a considerable impact on 2016, which also included a guest appearance on Bantum’s Move, Farrah Elle is a definite one to watch in 2017.

The Clockworks
Indie-rock band the Clockworks sound is one that instantly hits with hard-hitting hooks and Franz Ferdinand-esque wordplay (see ‘Mazda’). A group definitely on the verge of breaking through in 2017.

Beach have already made their presence felt on the Irish music scene, delivering a new uneasy take on the psych-rock genre, mixed with noise-rock aggression. TLMT is very excited to see what they come up with in coming year.

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