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Review | This Side Up – Full Fat


The Last Mixed Tape reviews Full Fat, the debut studio album from Sligo hip-hop trio This Side Up. 

The new wave in Irish hip-hop flows through the instantly indefinable lyrics and message behind Full Fat. This Side Up’s first full-length outing is a record filled with slickly produced old-school hip-hop beats, jazzy overtones and a street-level sound.

The mixture of musical styles that creates Full Fat is blended with care, and delivers weighty beats for This Side Up’s raps to wrap themselves around. And it’s that snapshot rhymical lyrical flow that sets the record apart.

Interchanging lines characterize songs like the brass filled ‘Full Fat’ and bass booming ‘Fin del Mundo’, while the beats beneath provide ample support and set the album’s overall mood.

Throughout Full Fat the group never pretend to be anyone else or from anywhere else, instead they take the sounds, phrases and world around them. Sampling these elements, either sonically or lyrically, and turning them on their head to create a sound that is both quintessentially Irish and new.

Full Fat is a confident debut that tells us exactly who This Side Up are, and where they come from geographically, musically and mentally. Resulting in a compelling, infectious first outing.

Rating: 8/10

Full Fat by This Side Up is out now.

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