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Review | Meltybrains? – Kiss Yourself

Meltybrains? (Photo by Eve North Photography)

The Last Mixed Tape reviews Kiss Yourself, the brand extended play from electronic act Melytrains?. 

Kiss Yourself is all about atmosphere and colour. Resting on a bedrock of harmonically washing texture, the flourishes of light and dark that Meltybrains?  imbue into their latest offering is what makes the music so immersive.

The textural depth of songs like ‘Step’ are given an added sense of space with the constant twinkling piano line that, along with a persistent drum percussive pulse, keeps track anchored down while the tension build toward a crushing crescendo. This multifaceted approach, leaves Kiss Yourself sounding like a much more considered experience.

And while ‘Step’ is a more condensed version of this, Meltybrains? are also able to elongate course of dynamism that run through the record. ‘Creola’ moves suddenly from jolting beats to tense silence in flash, whilst the closing epic ‘On Earth’ patiently builds the sense of dense atmosphere with an ever growing growl of noise that brings Kiss Yourself to falling end.

A record that delviers a complete immersive experience for the lsitener, the world that Meltybrains? create in Kiss Yourself is easily one of the most detailed and engrossing ones this year.

Rating: 10/10

Kiss Yourself by Meltybrains? is out now. Photo by Eve North.

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