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Review | AE Mak – I Can Feel It In My Bones


The Last Mixed Tape reviews I Can Feel It In My Bones, the debut extended play from alternative-pop act AE Mak.

There are times as a critic when you can get carried away by a record, and be taken away by the sound or creativity of it all. I Can Feel It In My Bones is one such record. With a music that’s outward vibrancy is off the scale, it’s hard not smile throughout AE Mak’s debut E.P’s short running time.

AE Mak’s all-out assault on the alternative/indie-pop genre is a very welcome indeed. Delivering a record that works as a bubbling melting pot of sonic delights, the duo have created a sound that is addictive to listen to.

From the vocally weaving syncopated pulse of the E.P’s title-track to the funk-fueled guitars of ‘Celestial’ AE Mak grab the attention with an undeniably energetic songwriting approach that’s constantly changing and moving. I Can Feel It In My Bones is a record all about movement, both musically and emotionally.

AE Mak are a joy to listen to. Everything about their debut exudes positivity, creativity and vibrancy, making the I Can Feel It In My Bones something you’ll want to return to again and again.

Rating: 9/10

I Can Feel It In My Bones by AE Mak is out now.

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