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Review | That Snaake – Blinded By The Smell

That Snaake

The Last Mixed Tape reviews Blinded By The Smell, the brand new expended play from That Snaake.

Blinded By The Smell is a glorious mess. An unwieldy garage-punk record, the short three-track pop-shot is a collision of frustrated malaise, sudden burts of aggression and manic disinterest.

As the record pushes its way through with brute force garage-punk guitars, That Snaake make good use of the short time-frame of the E.P. with ‘New Stigmata’ providing a distortion twitsted melodic hook that shows the band to be more than just unfocused noise.

Indeed, the songwriting on Blinded By The Smell is probably the E.P’s strongest point, with the franic pace, noise-rock driven interlude and nihilistic anger of ‘Scofflaw // Sisyphus’ being the record’s clear highlight.

A ragged rough diamond of an E.P, That Snaake’s Blinded By The Smell is a well defined garage-punk record filled with some stand-out moments. Upfront and abrasive, the E.P. is a compelling listen that insists you listen to it.

Rating: 8/10

Blinded By The Smell by That Snaake is due out on November 5th via Little L Records.

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