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Review | Orchid Collective – Courage


The Last Mixed Tape reviews Courage, the brand new extended play from alternative-pop act Orchid Collective.

Courage is a work of finely constructed atmosphere. With its wide-open production and ethereal tone, Orchid Collective’s music is one built upon an undercurrent of melodic weaving, rhythmical dominance and textural harmonics. 

Once the E.P’s title track takes hold the beautifully weighted sound of Courage is set. It’s a spacious feeling that permeates throughout the record. Every beat, melody and lyric are given room to breathe, giving the sudden dynamic burst the sense of aspect needed to make an impact.

This sense of loud and quiet is what shapes Courage as a hole. Orchid Collective ebb and flow as a band. Pulling back on the gently set ‘Tomorrow’ and letting go on the large cresendo of ‘Blindfold’ which brings the E.P. to a suitably dramatic close.

A wonderful joutney of pin-point musicianship and songwriting, Orchid Collective’s Courage is a record made by a band who get their sound, and know exactly how to use it and when.

Rating: 9/10

Courage by Orchid Collective is out now.

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