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Review | Sister Ghost – In A Spell

Sister Ghost

Sister Ghost

The Last Mixed Tape reviews In A Spell, the debut extended play from garage-punk band Sister Ghost.

In A Spell is a short sharp shock of record. The debut E.P. from Sister Ghost, the three-track record is a confident focused take on the garage-punk sound that sidesteps the scene’s many pitfalls by delivering a music that is both powerful and melodic.

Having shown promise in the past with their single ‘Growing Pains’, the Belfast band make good on all that has come before with ‘Limbo’. The middle track on In A Spell, the song is a sleek track that includes hints of indie-pop shimmer and punkish propellant beats.

Caught between the brooding tense guitars of ‘Her Mind’ and ‘Wreckless’, ‘Limbo’ adds another colour to Sister Ghost’s sound, whilst the rest of In A Spell highlights their harder-edged leanings.

A straight-up no frills record, In A Spell is garage-punk done right. Sister Ghost’s debut outing is a mature one and now leaves the path open for the group to grow and evolve in whatever way they deem fit.

Rating: 9/10

In A Spell by Sister Ghost is out now.

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