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The Last Mixed Tape reviews I’m Yours, the debut solo album from alternative-pop artist Pixie Geldof.

There’s a wonderful haziness at the heart of I’m Yours. The record sways with atmospheric patient productions that provide the perfect undercurrent for Pixie Geldof’s bewitching vocal. I’m Yours is an album that takes its time, but it’s time worth spending.

Geldof’s debut solo outing drifts from lush indie-folk (Sweet Thing) to glistening gentle alternative-pop (I’m Yours) and back to the full-force epic ‘Rain Comes Down’ with ease, resulting in a record that feels fully realised and cohesive. Whether it be the distant echoes of ‘Twin Thing’ or the ominous tremble of ‘Escape Route’ the central feeling of brooding sensuality that occupies the album’s sound remains.

As a whole I’m Yours appears to find Pixie Geldof dealing with the emotional rise and fall of want, love and infatuation. Opting to convey this with large sweeping dream-pop productions and deftly performed vocals, Geldof draws the listener further and further into the romantic abandon and subsequent inner turmoil that shapes the music. And with songs like the captivating ballad ‘Woman Go Wild’ it’s hard not to want to delve into I’m Yours more and more.

A noir-pop gem, I’m Yours is a dreamlike introduction to Pixie Geldof’s music. Big, sweeping and personal Geldof’s debut subverts all expectation with aplomb and leaves the future wide open for the artist to walk a very different path indeed.

Rating: 9/10

I’m Yours by Pixie Geldof is out on November 4th.

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