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Review | Rocstrong – SOWYG


The Last Mixed Tape reviews SOWYG, the much-anticipated extended play from Rocstrong. 

Rocstrong brings the spirit of street-soul to his music. SOWYG is a celebration, a statement, the great-unveiling of a young artist who is so confident with his sound that it explodes out of the speakers from the very beginning.

And does Rocstrong have a right to such a brash introduction? Well, yes. Songs such as ‘Show Off What You Got’ and ‘Get Loose’ exude self-confidence. What’s more, it’s what Rocstrong chooses to do with his funk/R&B roots that makes him so appealing.

While some R&B artists have a tendency to lose their punch in favor of overt popiness, Rocstrong somehow finds the thin line between the two and walks it with Philippe Petit-esque precision. ‘Go Head’ is a great example of this, pounding with a big-beat behind Rocstrong’s snarling vocal the song is upfront and unflinching, while also filled with vibrant hooks and charm to-boot.

So the triumphant arrival of Rocstrong begins with a bang and a clatter. SOWYG is the first step for a songwriter who could very well do great things if he continues down the path he’s currently threading. Time will of course, but for now we have a very promising prospect.

 Rating: 9/10

SOWYG by Rocstrong is out now. 

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