Listen | Bell X1 unveil ‘Out of Love’



Irish indie-rock legends Bell X1 have unveiled their brand new single ‘Out of Love’ today.

Following the release of their slow-motion ballad ‘The Upswing‘, Bell X1 have shown another side to the trio’s upcoming album Arms with the jolting cut-up rhythm of ‘Out of Love’.

Contrasting the smooth flowing sound of their previous single, ‘Out Of Love’ is a stylistically bold song that moves from dynamic drops and lifts in a second resulting in track that is constantly changing.

Showcasing the diversity of Arms, the single also feels cohesive when compared to ‘The Upswing’ containing the same core mood. While also adding a more forthright indie sound.

Bell X1 Tour dates
Iveagh Gardens, Dublin + The Academic – 8th July
Galway Arts Festival + The Academic – 16th July
Indiependence, Cork – 29th July
Limerick Big Top – 28th Oct
Mandela Hall, Belfast – 4th Nov
Columbs Hall, Derry – 5th Nov

Click below to listen to ‘Out of Love’ by Bell X1. The song’s parent album ‘Arms’ is due out in October. 

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