Listen | Kolumbus releases new single ‘I Hope You Find Happiness’

I Hope You Find Happiness Kolumbus

Singer-songwriter Kolumbus (a.k.a Mark Caplice) has released his brand new single ‘I Hope You Find Happiness’. 

A jangling slice of Irish folk-pop, ‘I Hope You Find Happiness’ is a heartfelt song from Kolumbus filled with vibrant musicianship and a stomping crescendo that goes all out on hooks and melodies.

Speaking about the meaning behind the song Caplice says: “They had to leave family, friends, loved ones behind to fly half way across the world. So many of my own friends and close family were among them and I saw first hand how difficult it is, both for those who leave and those who stay. “

Click below to listen to ‘I Hope You Find Happiness’ by Kolumbus. The single itself is due out on July 15th. 

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