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Review | MMOTHS – Luneworks



The Last Mixed Tape reviews Luneworks, the much anticipated debut album from electronic artist MMOTHS. 

Luneworks is a beautiful experiment. Made from buzz-saw noise and sculpted by ambient texture, the debut is every inch the album MMOTHS has been building up to since he first arrived on the scene. The record is a dreamscape, and the more it drifts away into the distance the more we want to follow it.

It’s difficult to isolate certain tracks within Luneworks, or even defined moments. The album is a piece best experienced disconnected from such thoughts, and instead better realized by simply allowing it to move from song to song without searching for separation. The record is one big performance.

What’s more important is the how sonic motifs disappear than reappear throughout. Luneworks is a tidal record, and pushes large swells of electronic ambience towards the listener then takes them away (the quick repose of ‘Scent’), only to build it all back up again (‘Eva’). This constant ebb and flow allows MMOTHS music to explore hypnotic repetition and minimalism whilst also keeping the attention in a state of captivation.

Luneworks is what happens when all your expectations for an artist come true. It’s gentle yet uncompromising and sounds completely separate from what’s happening around it. With this album MMOTHS has delivered a debut made on his own terms, and that’s something to cherish.

Rating: 9/10

Luneworks by MMOTHS is out now.

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