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The Last Mixed Tape reviews Tigwara, the self-titled debut E.P. from alternative-rock band Tigwara.

Ambition seems to be the order of the day with Tigwara’s first extended play. Looking for a common ground between large-scale American alternative-rock and the current Irish post-punk revivalism, Tigwara go big but enclosed with Tigwara E.P.

Songs such as ‘City Sleeps’ (the most fully realized track on the E.P.) and ‘Gimme Your Time’ both work to show different sides to Tigwara’s sound whilst also showcasing exactly what it is the Limerick band are aspiring to.

However, the E.P. does fall short of this ambition at times. The overall production has a chunkiness to it that makes the record sound rushed (see the overly long intro to ‘That Soul’) whilst there are moments where the band stretch themselves too far sonically. But this is a minor issue, it’s always more exciting to see a band try and fail than not try at all.

Tigwara swing for the fences with their debut E.P. and, for the most part, they succeed in producing a record that feels specific to who they are and where they are going. An essential ingredient in any first outing.

Rating: 8/10

Tigwara E.P. by Tigwara is out now. 

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