Podcast | Bowie, the Starman & me


Today the news of David Bowie’s passing has come a shock, in this podcast I describe my reactions to his death. 

Following the release of his 25th studio album Black Star last Friday, the news of David Bowie death following a battle with cancer is hard to take and very raw at the moment.

The news brought a lot of memories to me personally, having grown up on the great man’s music from a young age starting with ‘Starman’ and ending-up with Low being my one of my favorite albums of all time.

I couldn’t write about this in a way that felt honest, so I have instead recorded my thoughts. It’s all a bit new, I’m not sure I’ve processed it fully, but this is how I feel about it. Making this podcast was cathartic.

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  1. Great podcast you have said the way l feel….

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