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TLMT Reader’s E.P. of the Year 2015 Poll

Stephen White

The short-list is up and voting is now open for The Last Mixed Tape Readers’ E.P. of the Year 2015.

Following the Last Mixed Tape’s recent unveiling of it’s top twenty E.P’s of 2015 (see full countdown and playlist – here), TLMT is giving reader’s a chance to have their say in what was the stand-out record of the last twelve months.

Clicking through the list of nominees below (note: only E.P’s reviewed on TLMT are up for nomination) reader’s can vote for their favorite album and pick the TLMT Reader’s E.P. of the Year 2015.

Voting will close on Friday, December 19th. See below for the full list of albums to pick from. To vote simply click on the E.P./artist of your choosing and press the “Vote” button found at the end of the panel.

23 comments on “TLMT Reader’s E.P. of the Year 2015 Poll

  1. Liath Gleeson

    We love you Emma!

  2. Tune!

  3. Caoimhe Doherty

    Tune yeah!

  4. Roman sheridan

    Absolutely 100% behind the klares

  5. Love this band serious tunege

  6. Great catchy tune!!!

  7. The Klares brilliant!!

  8. Love Columbia Mills amazing live band

  9. Fantastic sound

  10. Emma O’Reilly!! amazing talent!!

  11. The Klares all the way!

  12. The Klares totally deserve it

  13. Katie McGale

    C’mon Variant Sea!

  14. This Side Up all the way from the Wild West. Get Rowdy.

  15. Fantastic

  16. The Klares all the way!

  17. I’m listening to Cross Winds right now.

  18. Otherkin and the riotous 201 EP all the way!

  19. Go on ya good thing!! The Klares

  20. SpeedyGonzalez

    Loads of great music there but the standout EP for me is Cruising’s. If you haven’t checked them out, do it!

  21. Transmission Club make me all hot and bothered. Especially hunky Micky P. Swoon.

  22. The Klares are slick

  23. klares are slick!!!!! good luck guys u deserve it :)))

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