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Listen | TLMT Podcast Ep. 39 – Bubblegum In My Head Makes Me Giggle

Natasha Khan
Return to the Moon

This week Steve reviews new albums from El Vy, Sexwitch, Elephant & more, whilst waiting for Robert De Niro. Elsewhere, Kate thinks about bubblegum in her head!?

The Last Mixed Tape Podcast Episode 39: In this latest show, Steve and Kate look ahead to Metropolis festival 2015, talk Brigid Jones & the Godfather, and feel left out by the cool kids. See this week’s album review list below.

This Week’s Reviews:
El Vy – Return to the Moon
Sexwitch – Sexwitch
Elephant – Hypergiant
Monster Monster – The City’s Ours
Rusangano Family – Heathrow

You can stream or download (FREE) The Last Mixed Tape Podcast Episode Thirty Eight below or subscribe to The Last Mixed Tape Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher (android app). TLMT podcast theme by Shell Dooley.

Check out TLMT Podcast’s Super Secret Playlist on Spotify here, for all off-kilter songs Steve & Kate reference in past and present episodes of the show. Listen to previous episodes here.


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