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Listen | TLMT Podcast Ep. 37 – Top 5 David Bowie albums


This week Steve is all alone and decides to take a detour with a top 5 special that counts down his favorite David Bowie albums of all time.

The Last Mixed Tape episode 37: On this week’s episode Steve presents a special show dedicated to rock legend David Bowie, and his favorite albums from his back catalog whilst also sneaking in a quick Twin Peaks and Labyrinth reference in here and there. No review countdown this week, the list is a surprise!

If you have your own favorite Bowie record or have suggestions to what artist should be featured next comment below and let me know.

You can stream or download (FREE) The Last Mixed Tape Podcast Episode Thirty Seven below or subscribe to The Last Mixed Tape Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher (android app). TLMT podcast theme by Shell Dooley.

Check out TLMT Podcast’s Super Secret Playlist on Spotify here, for all off-kilter songs Steve & Kate reference in past and present episodes of the show. Listen to previous episodes here.


2 thoughts on “Listen | TLMT Podcast Ep. 37 – Top 5 David Bowie albums Leave a comment

  1. I love Low, but 1. Outside is my favorite Bowie album and his best collaboration with Eno in my opinion. Deserves a listen. So much foreshadowing in his lyrics. Very dark, but poppy. Other 90’s albums that are sadly overlooked include Heathen, Reality and even his latest … Next Day. Also, Tin Machine rocks.

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