Listen | TLMT’s exclusive stream of ‘Chrysalis’ from Kate’s Party

Kate's Party

The Last Mixed Tape is delighted to bring readers an exclusive stream ‘Chrysalis’, a brand new track from Kate’s Party.

Taken from the follow-up E.P. to their debut album Hollow from last year, ‘Chrysalis’ is an immersive listen from start to finish that also works to highlight a new direction in sound from Kate’s Party.

Kate’s Party are a band not like many on the Irish music scene. Adept a crossing the pop/indie divide the band thread easily between the two without falling foul of the clichés indigenous of either genre. Instead the group take what they want from these styles and leave the rest, resulting in a sound that is entirely their own.

What’s more, Kate’s Party have done this from day one and with ‘Chrysalis’ they are now showing signs of perfecting that sound into a more fully realized version of the punk-pop leanings seen in previous records.

Click below to listen to TLMT’s exclusive stream of ‘Chrysalis’ by Kate’s Party. The song’s parent E.P. My Other Girlfriend is out now via bandcamp

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  1. Love Kate’s Party’s new song

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