Single Premiere | DAÄG HUR unveil their brand new single ‘Scorpion Tail’

Lydia Des Dolles & Shell Dooley

The Last Mixed Tape is proud to exclusively premiere ‘Scorpion Tail’, the latest single from dream-pop duo DAÄG HUR. 

The band’s first release on the Pickled Onion Record label, ‘Scorpion Tail’ sounds like what DAÄG HUR have been working towards since we first glimpsed early sketches of their music with last year’s attention grabbing demo ‘Hanging On The Sea’.

A howling dreamscape of musical noir, the dream-pop duo (Lydia Des Dolles & Shell Dooley) create a sound that is awash with the textural juxtaposition of My Bloody Valentine’s work on Loveless.

The more Des Dolles listful vocal performance becomes engulfed in Dooley’s glorious wall of distortion the more you want to listen, to catch new melodies and fleeting sounds within its multi-layered production.

This is a song to surrender to. A dominating yet tender new single, ‘Scorpion Tail’ is the sound of a band channeling themselves and their influences in equal measure, and with that DAÄG HUR have more than met the promise first alluded to in their previous recordings.

Click below to listen to ‘Scorpion Tail’, the brand new single from DAÄG HUR. The song itself is available to download now via bandcamp

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