Listen | Galants release their new single ‘This Is Heaven’


Dublin-based noise-pop merchants Galants return with their brand new single, entitled ‘This Is Heaven.

The first of three new tracks to be released by Galants over the summer, ‘This Is Heaven’ finds the band in more sonically clear territory.

Merging indie-pop elements into the great engulfing noise found on their previous release ‘Howling // Silver’, the group’s new material feels vibrant, urgent and confident.

With ‘This Is Heaven’, Galants put their jangled hooks and melodic interplay forward for all to hear making for an almost instant indie-gem sound.

That’s not to say the band have lost any of the textural noise bedrock that previously underscored their work. ‘This Is Heaven’ crackles with distortion and screeches with sudden howls of guitar. Giving the song’s “poppier” elements a sense of definition.

A sublime return from Galants, ‘This Is Heaven’ is the sound of a band who have worked on their music, crafted it and now understand how to deliver each moving part with equal measure. If this is the first in a series of similar singles from the Dublin act then they have my attention.

Click below to listen to ‘This Is Heaven’, the latest single from Galants. The song itself is available to download via bandcamp

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