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The Mixed-Tape | The Statics – Get On It

Get On It

Get On It

In this edition of T.L.M.T’s song of the week feature The Mixed-Tape we turn our attention to the Statics and their brand new track ‘Get On It’.

Dublin based indie-rock outfit the Statics return with the screeching, feral garage-rock sound of ‘Get On It’. Moving on from the jangling hooks found on the group’s debut E.P. Hidden Pigeon, their latest single is a far spikier affair.

Indeed, the entire song rattles with ferocity and intent. With ‘Get On It’, the Statics finally sound like a band that are excited about their own music. This comes across in the record’s “first-take”, straight-up garage-rock aesthetic consisted of screaming vocals, bristling drum beats and raucous guitar work.

While Hidden Pigeon had a certain charm to it, it never truly set the Statics apart within Dublin’s indie-rock scene. However, ‘Get On It’ feels more abrasive, more lively. Making the single a very exciting (and if I’m honest, unexpected) return from the band. I can only hope this is only the beginning of the Statics’ rebirth,

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Click below to listen to this week’s addition to the Mixed-Tape‘Get On It’ the brand new single from the Statics.

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