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The Mixed-Tape | Come On Live Long – Speak Up

Speak Up

Speak Up

In this edition of T.L.M.T’s song of the week feature The Mixed-Tape we turn our attention to Come On Live Long and their brand new track ‘Speak Up’.

Following on from the slow isolated malaise of ‘Trough’, Come On Live Long’s latest offering take on a more rhythmical, hurried shape.

Set against the group’s characteristically textural backdrop, ‘Speak Up’ is a vividly produced track that constantly looks to play with its own sense of dynamism and space. Dropping and lifting great weights of sound, Come On Live Long use gentle repose and hushed vocals to give the full-on bombast of the song’s more dramatic moments an added sense of impact and power.

A palpable juxtaposition to ‘Trough’, ‘Speak Up’ carries with it all the cinematic scope and depth we’ve come to expect from Come On Live Long, while also expanding and re-shaping what has come before.

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Click below to listen to this week’s addition to the Mixed-Tape‘Speak Up’ the brand new single from Come On Live Long.

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