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Watch | Niamh Murphy – We’re No Armies



Alternative-pop songwriter Niamh Murphy returns with the music video for her new single ‘We’re No Armies’.

Following the release of her E.P. Go The Underdog (under the moniker Foxglove) last year, Cork based singer-songwriter Niamh Murphy makes her presence felt with a patiently crafted new single, entitled ‘We’re No Armies’.

With its icy reverb hissing backdrop the song takes its time. Creating space and depth of field Murphy’s songwriting evokes a tenderness with each twinkling piano note, perfectly juxtaposing the colder glacial sound of the production’s peripheral atmospherics.

A handcrafted comeback by Niamh Murphy that showcases a transition to a more gently set sound, ‘We’re No Armies’ is a compelling re-introduction to the artist’s subtle alternative-pop songwriting.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘We’re No Armies’ by Niamh Murphy. The single itself is available to download now via iTunes

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