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Watch | Gemma Hayes – Palomino

Songwriter Gemma Hayes returns with a wonderfully projected music video, for her new single ‘Palomino’. 

Directed by Babysweet, the flickering night-time cityscape setting and darkly toned visuals play well with the music’s stark jolting sound.

Through deftly shot imagery and stunningly crafted projections the video is beautifully composed, resulting in several captivating visual passages.

Bones + Longing has been something of a career renaissance for Hayes. The album marked a change in direction for the artist which seems to have found its way into the visual aspect of her work. This is indeed the most interesting epoch in the songwriter’s already acclaimed career.

Gemma Hayes will play Whelan’s on June 27th. Tickets are priced at €26 and are on sale now via

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Palomino’ taken from Gemma Hayes’ new album Bones + Longing, which is out now via iTunes.

Filmed on location in Hackney Wick.
Directed by Babysweet.
Projectionist: Annelise Keestra.
Projector supplied by John S
pecial thanks to Paddy Baird, Chris McCourt, Euan Allardyce and Matt Rozier.


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