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Listen | TLMT Podcast Ep. 16 – Yes

Young Wonder (Photographed by Sarah Doyle)

Young Wonder (Photographed by Sarah Doyle)

This week Steve reviews Fight Like Apes, Young Wonder & more, makes a public apology and doles out brownie points. While Kate judges Steve’s dancing as “Not, not attractive”. 

Episode sixteen finds Kate & Steve talking about last week’s ‘Whelan’s Says Yes’ gig, Eurovision 2015 and are the first to talk about #Beckney. The show also includes this week’s Top 10 Irish album countdown and must-see gigs.

Album reviews: 
Fight Like Apes – Fight Like Apes
Young Wonder – Birth
Blades Club – Tranquillised 

Single reviews:  
I’m Your Vinyl – Erase It
Ben Carrigan –  The Sweetest Stories
The North Sea – Decay

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