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Watch | i am niamh – Wonderland

Alternative-pop artist i am niamh has unveiled her brand new music video for ‘Wonderland’, the title-track for her debut album. 

Directed by i am niamh & Edward Parkinson, the video for ‘Wonderland’ makes great use of light and shadow to give the music’s enchanting sound an equally enigmatic visual representation.

Featuring the silhouettes of two aerialists twisting and turning in motion to the music, the video uses sudden colour changes and edits to mirror the abrupt changes in ‘Wonderland’ itself.

Coupled with the hypnotic movement of the shadowed figures the visuals simple but effective way to translate the labyrinthine mysterious nature of i am niamh’s songwriter and indeed her debut album Wonderland itself (read TLMT’s review here).

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Wonderland’ by i am niamh. The song’s parent album is out now via iTunes.

Produced by: i am niamh
Cameras by: Design Desk (
Directed by: i am niamh and Edward Parkinson
Featuring: Niamh Creely and Jonathan Walsh of Ether Productions (
Edited by: Paul Mahon of Geppetto (
Choreography by: Niamh Creely and Jonathan Walsh of Ether Productions
Concept by: i am niamh

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