Single Premiere | Check out the Witch Trials new single ‘Wonderland’

The Witch Trails

The Last Mixed Tape is very proud to premiere the brand new single from Dublin based psych-rock outfit the Witch Trials, entitled ‘Wonderland’. 

A rapturous cacophony of jumping-jangling and fuzzing psychedelia, the Witch Trials sound is a curious melting pot of pysch-rock and indie with some jazz overtones added for good measure.

What is more exciting about the four-piece is how focused they are at keeping all these disparate elements together under one cohesive sound.

‘Wonderland’ traverses, changes and bounds around without every meandering or feeling lost, a trait not often seen from psych-rock groups in their early stages. This ability to instill clarity into their music will serve them well in the future.

The Witch Trials will celebrate the release of ‘Wonderland’ with a single launch show in Sweeney’s on Friday, May 15th. Entry is FREE, support on the night comes from the Bagels and Free Sunshine Acid. Doors are at 9pm, for more information visit the event’s Facebook page here.

Click below to listen to the Witch Trials brand new single ‘Wonderland’, which is due for release on Friday, May 15th. 

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