Joey Gavin – Circles

Joey Gavin

The Last Mixed Tape reviews indie-folk artist Joey Gavin’s new debut E.P Circles.

A short but sweet introduction, Circles is a gently set record that draws from the inherent atmosphere naturally created by resonant harmonies and reverberant notes.

With each of the three songs that comprise the E.P’s track listing Joey Gavin identifies himself as a songwriter of great subtly and nuance. Indeed the entire record seems to rest on fragile ground, teetering between closeness and isolation.

From the jangling guitars of ‘Disappear’ to the howling backdrop of the EP’s title-track Gavin perfectly plays with perspective, while also reinforcing the intimate emotional core of this songwriting.

Joey Gavin is an incredibly promising songwriter, and Circles gives us just a glimpse into his talent. There are moments (only fleeting flashes mind you) when Gavin seems to give real gravitas to his words that he enters Leonard Cohen lyrical and vocal territory, and that in itself is something to get excited about.

Circles is a hand-crafted, beautifully simple debut from Joey Gavin. And while time can only tell on whether he can deliver on some of the raw talent buried within this E.P, one thing is for certain, Gavin is definitely someone to watch in the future.

Rating: 8/10

Circles by Joey Gavin is out now.

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