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Watch | New Valley Wolves – Crooked Sea

Dublin based alternative-rock duo New Valley Wolves have released their new music video for the single ‘Crooked Sea’.

A gritty, dirt driven take on the rock ‘n’ roll and alternative genres ‘Crooked Sea’ finds the two-piece channeling hard-edged, distorted riffs and rhythms to create a jolting indie sound that growls with a direct, upfront backbone.

Mirroring the grimy nature of New Valley Wolves music Shane Serrano’s video for ‘Crooked Sea’ follows the same line with warped effected visuals and swaying up-close shots of the narrative’s central character, played by Philip Coffey.

Click above to watch the new music video from New Valley Wolves for ‘Crooked Sea’. 

Directed by Shane Serrano and starring Philip Coffey.
Special thanks to The Blind Pig in Limerick City.

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