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WATCH | Color//Sound – The Wolves

Dublin alternative-folk act Color//Sound return with their brand new music video for the single ‘The Wolves’.

Directed by Stephen Patrick Allen, and imbued with the film-makers extremely characteristic sense of tone and style the video for ‘The Wolves’ takes on an ominous, hurried visual feel that launches itself from quick rhythmical edits to striking single shots and black & white cinematography.

Progressing from the turbulent flow of Color//Sound’s stand-out single ‘To The Countryside’, the band’s new single brings forth a wild rapidity and dynamism to their music with the washing lifts and falls of ‘The Wolves’. All of which is built upon the group, as always, astounding use of layered vocal harmonies (which something of secret weapon of theirs).

Merging together Color/Sound’s distinctly dramatic sound with Stephen Patrick Allen’s own sense of drama visually, the video for ‘The Wolves’ proves to be a welcome return from one of the countries’ most promising acts.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘The Wolves’ from Color//Sound. The single itself is out now via bandcamp.

Directed by Stephen Patrick Allen

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