Listen | Check out Silences new track ‘The Sea’

Silences - The Sea

Silences band photo

Armagh based indie-folk group Silences have returned with their brand new single, entitled ‘The Sea’.

A definite departure in terms of tone and mood from the band’s last E.P. Sister Snow, Silences bring all the isolated reverberated beauty of their previous work into a more serene indie sound undercut by a powerful textural undercurrent.

Taking in long-held builds of dynamic and harmonic brilliance, large-scale choruses and a quiet moments repose ‘The Sea’ finds Silences continuing to grow as a band. With their clear and unique style permeating from the music the five-piece are adept at creating mood and drama within their songwriting.

A welcome return from a band who always seem to deliver in terms artistry and style, ‘The Sea’ is a complete affirmation of what of Sister Snow promised.

Click below to listen to Silences new single ‘The Sea’.

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