Listen | Check out Karla Chubb’s new single ‘White Flag’

Karla Chubb

Karla Chubb

Dublin based singer-songwriter Karla Chubb has released her brand new single ‘White Flag’.

Starting off simply and effectively the core songwriting edge to Karla Chubb music is clearly defined by the musician’s vocal performance, which carries ‘White Flag’ through to its end.

In these early moments the artist shows considerable, if not slightly raw, promise as the emotive themes of the song are portrayed with an attention grabbing pointedness.

The only issue that seems to pull ‘White Flag’ back is the overall production of the track. When the “all in” finale starts to take shape, the song begins to fall apart under the weight of its own ambition. Resulting in a sound that fails to match up to large-scale Mumford & Sons-esque impact Chubb was aiming for.

However, in context Karla Chubb is a young songwriter still finding her feet. This lack of depth in production is an indigenous trait seen in many artist’s early careers, it will be interesting to hear how Chubb continues to perfect and work on her music in future recordings. All the pieces are there to do so.

‘White Flag’ is very much about the song itslef, and more specifically the lyrics. Everything about the music feels delivered and wrapped around the meaning behind Karla Chubb’s vocal performance.

Click below to listen to Karla Chubb’s new single ‘White Flag’. The song itself is available now via bandcamp.

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