Listen | Switzerland release new single ‘Going Native’

Switzerland band

Switzerland band

Dublin based indie four-piece Switzerland have released their latest single ‘Going Native’ as FREE to download.

A jangling, melodically vibrant piece of Irish indie-pop ‘Going Native’ listlessly sways from verse to chorus with an effortlessly infectious sound and backing beat.

Interweaving guitar lines moves and twist around the central vocal of the song to create a harmonically engrossing indie-pop core to Switzerland’s music. Built upon a strong lyrical bedrock, ‘Going Natives’ is captivating and simply set single from the band.

See below for upcoming Switzerland live date.

Friday 27th March – Mr Bradley’s, Cork. Supporting the Run Ons
Saturday 28th March – the Mercantile, Dublin. Supporting the Run Ons
Friday 17th April – Bello Bar, Dublin. Supporting Skelocrats
Saturday 18th April – the Outhouse. Record Store Gay
Saturday 25th April – Thomas House, Dublin. Supporting Women’s Christmas

Click below to listen to Switzerland’s brand new single ‘Going Native’. The song itself is available as a FREE download via soundcloud

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