Grounds For Invasion – Dying Stars

Grounds For Invasion

The Last Mixed Tape reviews Galway based electronic duo Grounds For Invasion’s debut studio album Dying Stars.

It is very apparent that Grounds For Invasion have spent the interim between last year’s self-titled E.P. and this debut release working on and curating their music. And with engrossing production and textural heft of songs like ‘Stars’ and ‘Little Things’, it seems the pair’s hard work has definitely paid off.

Indeed, the entire album seems a lot more considered this time around. The ideas that form Dying Stars are more cohesive and natural. Making the record an overall more engaging listen from start to finish.

Unfortunately some of the unreadiness that weighed down the band before still re-emerge in Dying Stars. The vocal melodies are bare-boned and lacking in the same invention found in the backing tracks, resulting in performances (see ‘Beginning’) that sound unsure of themselves.

Through songs like ‘Visceral’ and the album’s closing title track Grounds For Invasion create a defined mood through brooding production and performance. Indeed, the pair are able to nicely juxtapose this with the electro-pop zeal of ‘Bruce Lee’, while still maintaining this core sound. It is in these moments that the duo are at their best and most promising.

Dying Stars is a marked improvement in style, cohesion and production from the scrappier, unfocused sound of Grounds For Invasion’s previous self-titled E.P. Casting aside the elements which made that record sound weak, the duo have delivered something far more satisfying.

And while the album is still hampered by flaws that stem from lack of confidence or precision these issues are not as detrimental, and instead work to showcase a group still sculpting and finding their sound. Grounds For Invasion are band on the verge of something, but it still needs more time.

Rating: 7/10

Dying Stars by Grounds For Invasion is out now. 

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