Listen | Rusangano Family release ‘Wasteman’

Rusangano Family

Electronic hip-hop three-piece Rusangano Family have unveiled their brand new single ‘Wasteman’.

God Knows, mynameisjOhn & Murli’s collaborative project Rusangano Family has debuted its brilliant new track ‘Wasteman’.

As rhythmically propellent and pointed as we’ve come to expect from the trio, ‘Wasteman’ moves and locks onto Rusangano Family’s genre blending sound to create something that is distinctly their own.

Performed at a breakneck speed and featuring a constantly building backdrop of electronic pops and clicks the group’s new single fits in perfectly with their Rusangano / Family released last year, and Murli fantastic solo E.P. Surface Tension which came out this year.

Click below to listen to Rusangano Family’s latest track ‘Wasteman’. The song itself is available to download via

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