Come On Live Long – Trough

Come On Live Long have unveiled their new music video for the band’s new single ‘Trough’.

Directed by Simon Keenan, the video for ‘Trough’ matches the tempered pace of Come On Live Long’s atmosphere soaked new single through intently held slow-motion and vast open outdoor cinematography by Evan Barry.

Capturing the slow crashes of percussion and isolated textures of the music, Keenan;s direction uses a subtle minimalist approach that revels in the ambience and natural beauty of it’s local. With Niamh Algar’s central character dominating the frame while also blending into the large-scale rural landscape.

A perfectly cast and crafted visual accompaniment to Come On Live Long’s breath-taking new single, ‘Trough’. Keenan’s simple but highly effective direction results in a compelling viewing from start to finish.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Trough’ by Come On Live Long. The single itself is out now.

Directed by: Simon Keenan
DOP: Evan Barry
Actress: Niamh Algar

3 thoughts on “Come On Live Long – Trough

  1. Link for the video seems to be missing??

  2. Hey Maeve, thanks for the heads-up not entirely sure what happened there but it should be working now. Steve

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