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My Tribe Your Tribe – Only A Horizon

My Tribe Your Tribe

Dublin alternative-electronic act My Tribe Your Tribe have unveiled their music video for the duo’s new single ‘Only A Horizon’.

Directed by Ian Downes, the video for ‘Only A Horizon’ embraces the atmospheric, wide-open feel of My Tribe Your Tribe’s music, bringing this sound into the visual realm by using large-scale shots and outdoor landscapes (the Slieve Bloom mountains) to give the video a sense of space.

Juxtaposing this with enclosed, low-lit in-door scenes Downes plays with the ebb and flow of the song itself as it builds to its full-on crescendo and abrupt ending.

Merging alternative-pop aspects to indietronica sounds, My Tribe Your Tribe’s new single works as a bold, dramatic, attention grabbing release from the group. Resulting in a highly stylised sound song that showcases their continued evolution.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Only A Horizon’ by My Tribe Your Tribe’. The single itself is out now.

Video directed by Ian Downes

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