Listen | Spies unveil new track ‘Sea Creature’


Alternative-rock five-piece Spies have unveiled the title track from their forthcoming E.P. Sea Creature.

Following the release of the group’s brilliant single ‘Moosehead’ last year, Spies are currently streaming a new track taken from their upcoming E.P. Sea Creature.

Brimming with the band’s wide-open, rhythmically turbulent alternative-pop edged sound, ‘Sea Creature’ carries with it the same dynamically textural characteristics that made Spies previous release so compelling.

Merging immersive walls of guitar and the full-scale dramatic reverberated production the song is awash with harmonic texture. Above this sits Michael Broderick’s instantly captivating vocal that moves and shapes itself around the music.

A strong indication of what’s to come from Spies in the lead up to their forthcoming E.P. ‘Sea Creature’ is a sonically intricate and winding song that sets the scene for something very special indeed.

Click below to listen to ‘Sea Creature’ by Spies.

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