Listen | Race the Flux release new single ‘Go! Dive! Ahh!’

Race The Flux

Race The Flux

Race the Flux have unveiled their new single ‘Go! Dive! Ahh!’ taken from the group’s upcoming E.P. Olympians

Aggressive and rhythmically jolting from the very beginning Race the Flux play with dynamic lifts and jumps to give their sound a more full-scale post-grunge feel with ‘Go! Dive! Ahh!’.

Incorporating more wide-open self-assured chorus that give release to the frantic hard-rock edged instrumental interludes, Race the Flux cover considerable sonic territory within the single’s relatively short timeframe.

A confident, progressive return from Race the Flux ahead of the release of their new E.P. this summer, ‘Go! Dive! Ahh!’ finds the band playing their strengths by exploring and augment their music.

Race The Flux play Cobblestone Joe’s Limerick this Thursday, February 26th and Sweeney’s Dublin this Friday, February 27th with Belfast’s Gascan Ruckus.

Click below to listen to Race the Flux’s new single ‘Go! Dive! Ahh!’. The song’s parent E.P. Olympians is due for release in May.  

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