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Jack O’Rourke – Shining For You

Cork-based singer-songwriter Jack O’Rourke has unveiled his new music video for the song ‘Shining For You’. 

Directed by Barra Vernon, the video for ‘Shining For You’ captures the slow-burning, twinkling production that Jack O’Rourke’s new single conveys.

Playing with the rasping, jazz-tinged flourishes and large-scale sound of the music Vernon’s direction uses striking set-design and wide-open shots of church interiors and outdoor cityscapes, translating the moody atmosphere of Jack O’Rourke’s songwriting.

Following the release of ‘Naivety’ last year, ‘Shining For You’ further convey’s the depth of emotion and talent Jack O’Rourke is capable of evoking within his songwriting. Mirroring this feeling Barra Vernon’s video works as a visually stylized accompaniment to O’Rourke’s music.

Click below to watch the music video for Jack O’Rourke’s new single ‘Shining For You’. 

Directed by Barra Vernon
Lighting by Rupert MacCarthy-Morrogh

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