Listen | Check out Cloud Castle Lake’s new single ‘Glacier’

Cloud Castle Lake

Dublin based three-piece Cloud Castle Lake return with their stunning new single ‘Glacier’, which is due out on March 16th.

The group’s first new material since the release of their critically acclaimed debut E.P. Dandelion‘Glacier’ is a characteristically unique and sonically crafted track from Cloud Castle Lake.

Featuring the instantly recognizable ethereal sound of Daniel McAuley’s falsetto vocal above the constantly moving and evolving rhythms and melodic thrills of the trio’s powerful interplay, ‘Glacier’ is an attention grabbing return from the band due to its singularity.

An exciting sign of what is to come from one of Ireland’s most distinctively individual and vivid acts, Cloud Castle Lake’s new single is as affecting and captivating as what has come before it.

Click below to listen to Cloud Castle Lake’s brand new single ‘Glacier’. The track itself will be released on March 16th via Happy Valley Records.

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