Listen | Cloud Castle Lake stream new track ‘Turn Your Head’

Cloud Castle Lake

Cloud Castle Lake are currently streaming a new track entitled ‘Turn Your Head’, the b-side to their forthcoming new single ‘Glacier’. 

Gradually coming into focus after a slow-building haze of scratching noise and gentle textural harmonics ‘Turn Your Head’ finds Cloud Castle Lake in a more explorative territory with the three-piece creating a serene soundscape that pops and clicks with synthetic elements.

Merging Daniel McAuley’s distinct vocal acrobatics into the washing melodic backdrop of the music itself, ‘Turn Your Head’ keeps a tempered feeling of calm throughout, leaving the sound of it simply engulf the listener in Cloud Castle Lake’s evocative production.

Further establishing the individual nature of Cloud Castle Lake, and taken into context with its more large-scale a-side ‘Glacier‘, ‘Turn Your Head’ works as a perfectly set companion to the band’s new single.

Click below to listen to ‘Turn Your Head’ by Cloud Castle Lake. The track itself will be the B-Side to the ‘Glacier‘ single due for release on March 16th via Happy Valley Records. 

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